MySQL can be connected with the help of JAVA programming language. For this we require a driver which will enable us to create a connection to connect to MySQL database. A connection object is created with the help of getConnection() method of DriverManager class. The standard syntax of this getConncetion() method contains one, two and … Continue reading MYSQL DATABASE CONNECTION THROUGH JAVA


  The concept that we are going to talk today is about printing i.e. accessing the elements or arguments that we enter on the command line in the runtime. There are plenty of ways to implement this thing. For naïve programmers, we can use the simple editor and then run the program on the command … Continue reading COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS

The difference between float and double

Thank you. We all know float and double as the primitive datatypes of any programming language. But plenty of us still get confused regarding the basic meaning of these datatypes. In technical terms, float is known as the Single precision floating point datatype whereas double is considered to be double precision floating point datatype.   … Continue reading The difference between float and double


  The day of the week can be easily extracted from the date given to us. The logic behind this program is to create a calendar object and set the calendar entries as per your requirements. After that we use getWeekdays() method and pass the integer value of days of the week to get the … Continue reading EXTRACT DAY FROM THE GIVEN DATE

Regular Expressions in JAVA

The regular expressions or regex as they are known  popularly are used for string handling purpose. If we want to compare the two strings, if we want to replace some of the characters in the string, if we want to extract specific pattern in a particular string, then we go for regex. This regex enables … Continue reading Regular Expressions in JAVA

Difference Between Two String

The following JAVA PROGRAM calculates the difference between two strings provided the initial contents in both the strings remain the same.   The logic behind this program is to consider the lengths of the two strings. If the first string is having larger length, then it is divided to get the difference and same goes … Continue reading Difference Between Two String

Log Structured Merge Trees

Log Structured Merge Trees The LSM-tree is a data structure with an attractive performance characteristic. The two structures which are used here are C0 and C1 and there is a special synchronization between the two structures. The logic of this LSM tress is used in the designing of the NoSQL Databases like HBase, SQLite4 and … Continue reading Log Structured Merge Trees