Log Structured Merge Trees

Log Structured Merge Trees

The LSM-tree is a data structure with an attractive performance characteristic.

The two structures which are used here are C0 and C1 and there is a special synchronization between the two structures.

The logic of this LSM tress is used in the designing of the NoSQL Databases like HBase, SQLite4 and Cassandra. The LSM trees are a hybrid data structure.
It contains two tree-like structures mainly known as C0 and C1. Among these two, C0 is smaller and resides completely onto memory while C1 is larger in size and it resides on disk.

The new records get inserted onto C0 first and as soon as this component exceeds a certain size threshold, those records are flushed to C1 making space for new entries in C0.


Categories: Big Data, NoSQL Databases

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