Install Apache Solr on windows

download zip file for windows from
unzip it and go to bin folder in this directory
run following command to start running solr in localhost
solr.cmd start
if above command gives you error like
findstr is not recognized as an internal or external command
then go to My Computer –> System Properties –> Advanced System Settings –> Environment Variables –> System Variables
append following path to PATH variable C:\WINDOWS\system32
restart CMD
go to solr bin directory and run following command
solr.cmd start
it will give you success message on your screen
open browser and go to localhost:8983/solr
it will open up the solr browser for you

next thing is to add cores/collections to solr
run following command to do the same
solr.cmd create -c firstcore
it will create collection named firstcore
same will be reflected in your solr browser window

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