Post 51 | HDPCD | Set Hadoop or Hive Configuration property

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the last technical tutorial in the HDPCD certification series.

It’s funny! This beautiful journey is coming to an end.

In the last tutorial, we saw how to sort the output of a Hive query across multiple reducers.

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to set a Hadoop or Hive configuration property.

Let us begin, then.

It is one of the easiest tutorials in this certification series. Maybe, that is why it is kept, at last, just kidding.

The following commands do depict the usage of the set command which is used for setting Hadoop or Hive configuration property/properties.

Let us see each of these commands one by one.


For doing this, we first check what is the current value of the Hive execution engine.use the SET command in the following way.

set hive.execution.engine;

The above command gives us the default value of the Hive execution engine.

You can see from the above screenshot that the default value of the Hive execution engine is “TEZ”.

Now, if you want to change the Hive execution engine property to MapReduce, you can use the following command.

set hive.execution.engine=mr;

To check whether the above command executed successfully or not, you can run the following command and check the output.

set hive.execution.engine;

The output of the above command shows that MapReduce is the Hive execution engine, as expected.

Few examples showing usage of SET command
Few examples showing usage of SET command

The above screenshot shows that the Hive Execution Engine property was successfully changed to MapReduce from its default value TeZ.

Similarly, we can see that I have changed other properties such as SCRATCH DIRECTORY location and the Hive Header Printer flag.

To give you the gist of this tutorial, I would say it enables you to correctly use the “SET” command.

This concludes the last technical tutorial in the HDPCD certification series.

I hope you guys find these tutorials useful and I would feel privileged if at least one person gets benefited from these tutorials.

Do not forget to let me know if these tutorials came handy to you and were useful for clearing the HDPCD certification. You can contact me using the below form.

The next tutorial is going to be the last tutorial in this certification series, in which I will mention how to register for the exam and what precautions to take on the exam day.

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