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About Us

I am currently working as a Data Scientist Analyst at the Ford Motor Company.

I am responsible data operations and management of FordPass, GoRide, and other third-party data. 

Before Ford, I graduated from the University of Connecticut. I pursued Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project Management.

Having spent last several years digging Terabytes, Petabytes of data, I have always excelled in every responsibility that has been assigned to me.
Heavily focused on the quality result in stipulated time, I have and like to lead a team of motivated individuals to deliver the high-quality work.

I am a strong believer of constant and directional efforts keeping the teamwork at the highest priority.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Your blog is very informative and I love readinf your blogs. The depth od explanation and the way you elaborate each Concept is just what I needed. Keep writing. All the best.

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