Top 10 Twitter Trending Topics using JAVA twitter4j API

Hi friends, Today we are going to find out the Top 10 Worldwide Trending Topics on Twitter with the help of twitter4j Java API. The step by step process can be depicted in below picture. It shows the step by step algorithm which you can use in order to show top 10 Worldwide Trending Twitter Topics.Continue reading “Top 10 Twitter Trending Topics using JAVA twitter4j API”

WordCount in Spark

Hello friends, Today we are going to implement the very famous WordCount code in Spark in spark-shell. For folks who are not familiar with WordCount, in this implementation, we count the occurrences of each word and as a result present a pair of word and their respective count. For example, if my input is asContinue reading “WordCount in Spark”

Spark 1.6.1 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and Hadoop 2.6.0

Hi friends, I have started learning Apache Spark and it is time now to share few things with you. In this series related to Spark and Scala, we are going to see essential things that we should know regarding both Spark and Scala. So as I always begin, we are going to start with SparkContinue reading “Spark 1.6.1 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and Hadoop 2.6.0”

Prerequisites for Hadoop – Part 3

Hello people, Welcome to third and last installment of Prerequisites for Hadoop. This post will put light on following topics Apache Maven Core Java Java Project Java Packages Java Classes NetBeans IDE Installation Apache Maven Maven is an Apache project which is used for Project Management and Comprehension. It is based on Project Object Model(POM).Continue reading “Prerequisites for Hadoop – Part 3”

Prerequisites for Hadoop – Part 2

Hello all, welcome to the part 2 of Prerequisites for Hadoop. In this post, we are going to look over the SQL part required in order to start Hadoop. We are going to use MySQL Database Server to demonstrate basic SQL queries. We are going to go through following parts in SQL. MySQL Installation onContinue reading “Prerequisites for Hadoop – Part 2”

Prerequisites for Hadoop – Part 1

Hello everyone, welcome back to another post related to Hadoop Ecosystem. Lot of people have approached me regarding the prerequisites required before learning Hadoop, so this is for those poeple who are beginners and want to learn Hadoop Ecosystem. I consider following three components as the prerequisites for learning Hadoop. Linux File System and CommandsContinue reading “Prerequisites for Hadoop – Part 1”

Scala 2.11.7 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi friends, Scala is a general-purpose programming language. Mostly we are going to use Scala for Spark Programming. In order to do so, we are going to start off with the installation of Scala 2.11.7 on Ubuntu 14.04 Following is the installation file I used for doing Scala 2.11.7 Installation. Kindly let me know ifContinue reading “Scala 2.11.7 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04”

Twitter Sentiment Analysis using OpenNLP JAVA API

Hi, everyone ! Hope everyone is having a great time. In this post, we are going to see the TWITTER SENTIMENT ANALYSIS by using JAVA as a programming language. We are using OPENNLP Maven dependencies for doing this sentiment analysis. Following is that Maven Dependency. As you can see from the above pom.xml file, weContinue reading “Twitter Sentiment Analysis using OpenNLP JAVA API”

Cassandra Installation in Ubuntu 14.04

Following are the steps which I followed in order to install Cassandra on Ubuntu 14.04 I will update this post with detailed discussion, till then you can use these commands for doing the installation. Make sure you are using either root user or sudo user for doing this installation. Here we go. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/javaContinue reading “Cassandra Installation in Ubuntu 14.04”

Load XML File in Hive

We can load XML data in HIVE Table very easily just like simple delimited file. The only difference between loading Delimited File and XML File is we have to use Hive provided xpath UDF in order to extract the data residing within the tags. All the steps that I have used are committed in followingContinue reading “Load XML File in Hive”