Load CSV File in Hive Table

We can load CSV data into hive table with the help of CSV SERDE JAR FILE which is freely available. You can download it manually by clicking below text. Download CSV SERDE Jar File Here, we are trying to load two types of CSV data in hive table. First type of data contains header i.e.Continue reading “Load CSV File in Hive Table”

Read Word Document using JAVA

Hi guys, Following code will enable us to read Microsoft Word Document file using JAVA API. Following is the pom.xml contents Following is the word file contents   Following is the output of code.   Thanks for having a read. Do comment below for your queries.

Read Excel File using MapReduce

The below code is used for reading excel files using MapReduce API. Entire source code has been taken from this link.   ExcelDriver.java ExcelInputFormat.java ExcelMapper.java ExcelParser.java ExcelRecordReader.java pom.xml If you clean and build above project, it will create two jar files, out of which we have to use the jar file with dependencies. I have used followingContinue reading “Read Excel File using MapReduce”


Accure Momentum A Big Data Analytics Platform For Machine Learning, NLP & IOT http://www.accureanalytics.com/index.php/big-data/momentum Accure Momentum enables you to do data analytics from scratch. If you do not have any working cluster, Momentum will take care of it. If you do not have data parsing and data cleaning experience, Momentum will take care of it.Continue reading “Introduction”

oozie 4.1.0 installation on Hadoop 2.6.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

  following are the steps in order to install OOZIE 4.1.0 on hadoop 2.6.0 installed on ubuntu 14.04 PREREQUISITES – Step 1 : Hadoop Installation You should install hadoop with the help of this link. Step 2 : Start Hadoop Cluster open terminal window command 1 : sudo su hduser command 2 : cd /usr/local/hadoop/sbinContinue reading “oozie 4.1.0 installation on Hadoop 2.6.0 on Ubuntu 14.04”