Post 2 | Machine Learning | Installations – R and Python

Hello, everyone, we are going to start off learning the concepts of Machine Learning. If you are following my blog posts on Hadoop and Big Data Analytics, then you will come to know I do give more importance on performing the hands-on exercises. Same is going to be the case for these tutorials. Here, weContinue reading “Post 2 | Machine Learning | Installations – R and Python”

Apache Drill: Installation and Configuration

In this tutorial, we are going to install and configure Apache Drill 1.3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. But, before starting with the installation and configuration, let us get to know about Apache Drill. Following is the minimum information we should know before going ahead with Apache Drill Installation and Configuration. Drill converts CSV files, NoSQL DatabasesContinue reading “Apache Drill: Installation and Configuration”

Spark 1.6.1 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and Hadoop 2.6.0

Hi friends, I have started learning Apache Spark and it is time now to share few things with you. In this series related to Spark and Scala, we are going to see essential things that we should know regarding both Spark and Scala. So as I always begin, we are going to start with SparkContinue reading “Spark 1.6.1 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 and Hadoop 2.6.0”

Scala 2.11.7 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi friends, Scala is a general-purpose programming language. Mostly we are going to use Scala for Spark Programming. In order to do so, we are going to start off with the installation of Scala 2.11.7 on Ubuntu 14.04 Following is the installation file I used for doing Scala 2.11.7 Installation. Following are the steps whichContinue reading “Scala 2.11.7 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04”

Cassandra Installation in Ubuntu 14.04

Following are the steps which I followed in order to install Cassandra on Ubuntu 14.04 I will update this post with detailed discussion, till then you can use these commands for doing the installation. Make sure you are using either root user or sudo user for doing this installation. Here we go. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/javaContinue reading “Cassandra Installation in Ubuntu 14.04”