Read Excel File using MapReduce

The below code is used for reading excel files using MapReduce API. Entire source code has been taken from this link. pom.xml If you clean and build above project, it will create two jar files, out of which we have to use the jar file with dependencies. I have used followingContinue reading “Read Excel File using MapReduce”

NetBeans IDE Installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Download NetBeans IDE through web browser from open new terminal window cd Downloads sudo chmod +x netbeans* ./netbeans* Above command will open a GUI which will guide you to install netbeans step by step.  


We are going to insert the data into mysql table ‘sample’. We will use Java programming language for doing the same.   In case you missed how to connect your database with the JAVA programming language, you should refer this link below.   Once you establish the connection with MySQL database, all you needContinue reading “RECORD INSERTION IN MYSQL TABLE”


MySQL can be connected with the help of JAVA programming language. For this we require a driver which will enable us to create a connection to connect to MySQL database. A connection object is created with the help of getConnection() method of DriverManager class. The standard syntax of this getConncetion() method contains one, two andContinue reading “MYSQL DATABASE CONNECTION THROUGH JAVA”


  The concept that we are going to talk today is about printing i.e. accessing the elements or arguments that we enter on the command line in the runtime. There are plenty of ways to implement this thing. For naïve programmers, we can use the simple editor and then run the program on the commandContinue reading “COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS”