Load XML File in Hive

We can load XML data in HIVE Table very easily just like simple delimited file. The only difference between loading Delimited File and XML File is we have to use Hive provided xpath UDF in order to extract the data residing within the tags. All the steps that I have used are committed in followingContinue reading “Load XML File in Hive”

Load CSV File in Hive Table

We can load CSV data into hive table with the help of CSV SERDE JAR FILE which is freely available. You can download it manually by clicking below text. Download CSV SERDE Jar File Here, we are trying to load two types of CSV data in hive table. First type of data contains header i.e.Continue reading “Load CSV File in Hive Table”

vi editor basics

following are the basic things which you should know regarding vi editor 1. we use vi editor to edit/create files using terminal window 2. syntax : vi <filename> explanation : if <filename> does not exist, it will create that file and if it does exist, then it will open that file for editing 3. thereContinue reading “vi editor basics”