Post 52 | HDPCD | The conclusion

Hi everyone. Finally, we have reached the end of this tutorial series. It’s been so long. We started this journey together on January 15th, 2017, and, 276 days later this beautiful journey is coming to an end. But, we do not need to worry, because, I am working on something new and would love toContinue reading “Post 52 | HDPCD | The conclusion”

Post 24 | HDPCD | Run a Pig job using TEZ

Hey, everyone. Thank you for giving me company on this beautiful journey of HDPCD certification. We are almost done with the Data Transformation section of the certification and are only left with Data Analysis section using Apache Hive. The section of Data Analysis, in my opinion, is easier than this section so you can sayContinue reading “Post 24 | HDPCD | Run a Pig job using TEZ”