Post 10 | HDPCD | Load Pig Relation WITHOUT schema

  Hello everyone, hope you are finding the tutorials useful. In the previous tutorial, we started off with Data Transformation category of the HDPCD certification. This tutorial, being the second objective in this category, focuses on creating a sample pig relation without the schema. Before, starting with the actual process, let us define what isContinue reading “Post 10 | HDPCD | Load Pig Relation WITHOUT schema”

Post 9 | HDPCD | Pig Script Execution

This is the first post in Data Transformation category which is essential to clear the HDPCD certification, given by Hortonworks Inc. In the last eight tutorials, we focused on Data Ingestion tasks. The next twenty-one, yeah, that’s right, I said next twenty-one tutorial, including this one, will focus on the Data Transformation category of theContinue reading “Post 9 | HDPCD | Pig Script Execution”

Post 8 | HDPCD | Configure Flume Memory Channel

In the last tutorial, we saw the process to start the flume agent. This tutorial is an extension to the previous tutorial, so please refer to it before getting started with this tutorial. The last tutorial enabled us to start the flume agent, after which we can send the messages that we want over flumeContinue reading “Post 8 | HDPCD | Configure Flume Memory Channel”

Post 6 | HDPCD | Sqoop Export

Hi everyone, hope you are finding these tutorials quite helpful. Today, we are going to target the 4th objective in data ingestion category of the HDPCD certification. We are going to perform the Sqoop Export operation. In this tutorial, we saw the sqoop import operation, which is the┬áreverse of the sqoop export operation. So, letContinue reading “Post 6 | HDPCD | Sqoop Export”

Post 5 | HDPCD | RDBMS to Hive Import

Hello everyone, in this tutorial, we are going to see the 3rd objective in data ingestion category. The objective is listed on Hortonworks website under data ingestion and looks like this. In the previous┬ápost, we imported data into HDFS, here, we are going to import the data directly into Hive table. So, let us begin.Continue reading “Post 5 | HDPCD | RDBMS to Hive Import”