Post 29 | HDPCD | Define a Hive-managed Table

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the second post in the Data Analysis section of the HDPCD certification series. In the last tutorial, we saw the three ways in which we run the hive commands. In this tutorial, we are going to create the hive-managed table i.e. hive internal table. For creating a hive-managed or internal table,Continue reading “Post 29 | HDPCD | Define a Hive-managed Table”

Post 12 | HDPCD | Load data from Hive to Pig

Hello, everyone. Thanks for coming back! I Hope the tutorials are inspiring you to take each task seriously and perform each operation by understanding why we are performing each step. In the last tutorial, we saw how to create the Pig Relation with a defined schema. This tutorial is about creating a Pig Relation, but insteadContinue reading “Post 12 | HDPCD | Load data from Hive to Pig”


Array<Datatype> is considered to be the complex datatype in case of HIVE which is used to store the data into internal/external tables using the data present in the local files. It is customary to specify the collections’ behavior while creating the table itself. We need to pass the argument which specifies which character is usedContinue reading “STORE ARRAY DATA IN HIVE INTERNAL TABLE”